Better Than Bakery - Breads & Spreads Since 1984

Our bread is created from the freshest ingredients to produce a loaf with a crunchy, chewy crust and moist, firm crumb that compliments our Infused Butters. Each bread is sliced on the diagonal, each slice is spread with our Infused Butters. Our Logs are a variation of this with the butter also frosting the top and sprinkled with nuts.

Our breads have always been prepared to a consistent weight to provide the perfect proportion of bread and butter.  Being handmade, the physical characteristics of our breads may vary, but they will never vary in taste
or quality.

These breads are located in your grocer's freezer and are ready to heat (oven or grill) and serve.

Petite Size Now Available

Garlic Garlic bread

Our classic Garlic Bread made with natural ingredients makes it the best you've ever had.

Available in 15 oz Baguette style and new 8 oz Petite style

Parmesan bread Parmesan Bread

Tasty blend of butter and parmesan cheese makes this a wonderful complement to any type of meal from dinner to soup or salad.

Available in 15 oz Baguette style and new 8 oz Petite style

Cheddar Bacon Cheddar & Bacon bread

Succulent blend of white cheddar cheese, bacon and a touch of onion make this an addictive flavor to try.  Try with any egg breakfast, as an appetizer or complement to soups.

Available in 16 oz Baguette style and new 8 oz Petite style


Onion-Dill bread Onion Dill

Surprisingly wonderful combination of flavors to try with any meat or fish, in fact try grilling the bread unwrapped over a steak and let the butter melt over it.

Available in 15 oz Baguette style and new 8 oz Petite style

Cinnamon bread Cinnamon bread

Blend of cinnamon, sugar and almonds spread within and on top makes for gooey perfection at your breakfast table.

Available in 18 oz baguette style

Maple bread Maple bread

The Taste of New England.  Perfect blend of maple, vanilla and walnuts make this heaven on earth.  Use for brunch or snack but could also complement pork, ham or beef dinners.

Available in 18 oz baguette style

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