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From its crisp, chewy crust to its soft center, a Better Than Bakery baguette is the quintessential bread-and-butter pairing. Spread with all-natural, flavor-infused creamery butter that melts throughout when heated, our breads have been known to elicit exclamations of pure satisfaction with each and every mouth-watering bite.

“But how did Better Than Bakery begin?” we’re often asked

Well, as with so many things, it began with Mom.

In 1984, stay-at-home mother of three and caterer Debbie drew rave reviews for her French bread, to which she soon added her flavored butters – both savory and sweet. She was onto something and, apparently, couldn’t go wrong. Whether her special blend of garlic and herbs infused the butter or her combination of orange and honey, the loaves soon developed a die-hard following among every friend, neighbor and passerby who tried them.

Reports of “If my husband does not get up soon, I will eat the whole thing by myself …” and “That bread was a hit at my daughter’s wedding brunch …” could be heard far and wide.

Upon retiring, Debbie shared her tried-and-true recipes with us, her daughter and son-in-law, and we are proud to continue her Better Than Bakery tradition while adding a few inspired ideas of our own – including a baguette for the bacon lover. We’ve also included recipe ideas and menu suggestions in the Web site, in case you get stuck, but we don’t think you will.

Despite our changes, Better Than Bakery bread are still baked Mom’s way. We currently offer six varieties of breads (Each with an enthusiastic fan base – thanks for your e-mails and letters!) and hope you’ll try each of them. And don’t worry about picking a favorite; we’ve heard it’s a losing battle.

Sliced on the diagonal, buttered and frozen, the breads are ready to heat and serve as an appetizer, a comforting snack or with a meal. Honestly, it’s always the right time.

We’re grateful that you chose Better Than Bakery and hope you’ll let us know what you think by posting a comment on our site. We’d love to hear from you!

Steve and Kristen




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